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hates elevators but loves flamenco. >> that is his profile but loves flamenko and hates escalator explains which why he developed the flamenclator. >> brett: thanks for joining us. we're still fair and balanced right here. >> shep: all hell breaking lose in libya. dictators says his people to dance and sing as forces murder. colonel khadafy with warnings he may use weapons of mass destruction. >> the libyan leader appealing directly to his supporters. even as killers launch new
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crackdowns in the streets. plus, a this they make a desperate dash to safety. tonight, their race to freedom and libya descends into chaos. >> prosecutors say this terror suspect took inspiration from osama bin laden and the attacks of 9/11. >> he was receiving information how to construct an explosive device. >> possible target, the home of a former president and a streets of new york city. tonight, what happened when the suspect came to court. plus, charlie sheen in close. >> he has an army of assassins. >> the only thing he may be killing is his career i'm dealing with fools and trolls. >> now after the network has scrapped his show, charmly sheen
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has something else to say. >> but first, a man from the muammar khadafy inner circle warned that libyan strong man may use mustard gas against his own people. he seems to be mentally unstable or f not completely detached from reality. washington took new action against libya as khadafy launched a news crackdown on his own people. first new sanctions as the security situation deteriorated today. the u.s. embassy in libya shut down and military cooperation with the country limited today and washington declared colonel khadafy has no legitimacy. they aired video addressing supporters in central tripoli. he blew kisses in the audience and told people to dance and sing and be happy and have fun. he told him he is going to start
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handing them weapons. >> at a suitable time we will open the armed depot so all tribes become armed so libya is becomes red with fire. >> some areas in the capital are already red with blood. [ gun shots ] >> shep: we're told people were firing on protestors and witnesses say they were trying to march toward the groan square where khadafy was speaking and they say gunmen opened fire with semi-automatic weapons and anti-aircraft guns. more than 160 americans have escaped the country on a ferry and a chartered flight left the cal xa today but for many innocent people in libya there is no escape from the madness and no escape from the slaughter. we have james rosen on the possible government sanctions
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and jen griffin. first, jonathan hunt she streaming live between the border and tunisia. you are hearing stories of violence that extend beyond the capital? >> shep, colonel khadafy supporters are continuing to try to take back all the violence they can muster some of the cities across the northwest libya and tripoli. they want control back for their leader. those coming across here say it is intense and it is very violent. i spoke a short time ago to the australian ambassador who managed to get across the border to safety today. i asked her if she believed that the violence will only end when colonel khadafy dies. listen
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>> reporter: and he doesn't seem to be any other option than fighting until the end? >> he says so. >> reporter: the language was diplomatic but the acknowledgement seeysdz seemed clear that khadafy will never relinquish power. >> shep: presuming the flood of refugees shows no signs of slowing? >> reporter: i'm told by the transported minister that was earlier today over the last three days, shep, 32,000 refugees have come across this border. transport minister says it is a refugee crisis here now following the few the nearby january government they cannot copy. he wants people to send aid and send it quickly. >> shep: back to him as news warrants. it's been a long journey for some but two groups of safe
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after escaping from libya. both groups left from the capital of tripoli on a chartered flight on the ferry to the island nation of malta. many of the passengers had spent several days on board and strong winds and high waves delayed the departure. jennifer griffin is in her post at the pentagon. we are hearing new stories what was like on the ferry. >> they were stuck in that port in tripoli surrounded by the libyan security forces, but when the weather cleared they took off this morning. some of those on board described to us what it was like. >> a lot of people were getting sick. spent two and a half nights without a shower. there was no bellyache go. everybody got air long very well >> we weren't kidnapped or hostage or anything like, that we want wanted to get out of there.
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>> reporter: the reason the state department opted for a ferry they weren't sure they could get permission for flights to land. there were heavy bribes being asked at the airport and canadian plane that went into tripoli have not been able to take off even though the american plane went to istanbul. >> and pentagon did not get involved? >> reporter: they weren't asked they were on the horizon but they only have had destroyer and command ship in the mediterranean, not particularly good for passengers. we are told they were very concerned that muammar khadafy could use images of warships on the horizon to crack down further on his people and they didn't want to escalate his people. >> shep: jennifer griffin, thanks very much. as i mentioned they closed down the embassy in tripoli as things got worse. white house talked about new
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sanctions and taking libya out of the united nations and now president obama is about to get more personally involved. plus, a warning about the oil supply. one libyan official say the country will stop all exports. what that will mean to gas prices here and around the world. we'll can sk our friends at the fox business network. oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number?
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>> shep: u.s. temporarily shut down the embassy in the capital city of libya as a chartered boat and plane escorted all-american workers out of the country. this comes less than two years after the embassy first raised the flag in tripoli following a diplomatic stalemate. tonight only libyan employees remain and for the first time since the libyan leader muammar khadafy encouraged his followers to crush the pro democracy movement the u.s. is taking steps to punish his regime.
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we turn to james rosen. what are the plans specifically for these sanctions. >> the united states is pursuing unilaterally, by ourselves, but also in concert with other countries with european nations. senior aides have told fox news that we will be doing travel bans, asset freezes and already we have suspended sales to libya of spare parts for the fleet of c-130 planes. >> prior this spare parts were pending but now they were frozen. other events have also been frozen. >> reporter: the security council will vote on multilateral sanctions not long after president obama has met with the ambassador. >> and to the full extent of our
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intelligence assets to track what is going on libya? >> that is cold we're watching you and ear gathering evidence of atrocities for future use against you and your henchmen. but with the u.s. embassy in tripoli shut down as you just reported. a major source of intelligence and on the ground information about the crackdown is now denied us. officials made clear that the u.s. has no contact with the libyan rebel that has may soon be running the country. >> i can't say that, we, the united states has any contact with the opposition at this point. we have had discussions with other leaders who have been in touch opposition figures. >> reporter: and when asked to name those other leaders, he specified them tony blair. >> shep: james, thank you. meanwhile, an unprecedented backlash from the human rights council in response to the
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crackdown on the pro democracy demonstrators. they unanimously condemn the regime of muammar khadafy ordering an investigation into atrocities around recommend the general assembly suspend libya from the security council. this as more renounce their affiliation or allegiance to khadafy. the entire delegation defected. the ambassador to portugal says he is resigning because of what he is calling a fascist regime. here in the united states a libyan ambassador resigned earlier this week replaced the libyan flag with the one that was before he took power. we're learning more from wikileaks. a state department document shows that he helped to go after terrorists in africa during a meeting with the american
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general in charge of africa. that was just three years after the u.s. took libya off the list of state sponsored trim. there is no word how the general responded to the offer. the document suggests that colonel khadafy did most of talking. >> tonight, khadafy he is trerg terrorizing his own people. complete coverage and how the united states is responding and more at >> first today a court dated for the college student accused of terror plot that we believe targeted among others the president or former president george w. bush. the suspect pleading not guilty to a charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. he is from saudi arabia, a national from there but living in texas on a student visa. the feds say he was trying to build a homemade bomb and made lists of targets, including the former president bush's home in dallas.
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chris is live in the courthouse in lubbock, texas tonight. he wasn't in court for very long. >> reporter: he was probably only there for five minutes but he did acknowledge to the judge he understood the charges against him and understood his rights. he pled not guilty but he will remain in custody and back back in court. his attorney, this is the first time we're hearing from him. up to this point, the press coverage has been very one-sided and biased. it may make it difficult for him to receive a fair trial in lubbock. this is not alice and wonderland first the punishment and the trial. this is america where everyone is entitled to due process and effective representation of counsel and fair trial, end quote. if convicted he faces up to life in prison. >> shep: the read of the charging document is a face nate go one, feds say they have a lot of evidence here. >> that is exactly what they are saying.
7:17 pm
the justice department said he lived alone in a one bedroom apartment and inside the apartment the f.b.i. found everything from hazmat suit to a gas mask, even some chemicals that could potentially be used to plot some type of terror attack, clocks and wiring. his neighbors had no idea what he was allegedly plotting. >> i know that we're all okay. nothing happened. they caught him in time. still kind of nerve-racking right now. >> alleged potential targets you mentioned not only included the home of former george w. bush, but nightclubs and even some new york city land marks. >> shep: now, new developments in wisconsin in the chaotic battle against the unions. >> the ayes have it. it passes in the senate. the assembly is adjourned.
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>> shep: wild scene at the wisconsin state capitol today. protestors and democratic lawmakers going ballistic as the assembly passed the budget repair bill screaming shame. it strips most of the government workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. >> the ayes have it. the bill passes in the senate. the assembly is adjourned. >> shep: so the bill is in the senate but all state senators
7:22 pm
are out of state in illinois. unless one of them comes back. mike tobin is live. what did he have to say after the vote. >> he is keeping pressure on those senate democrats with intention of could compelling them back in wisconsin and debate on and vote on this bill. he is trying to counter the initial argument the bill is being ran through without enough debate and public awareness. >> i think people across the state have had a chance to know what is in this bill. people have opinions for and against, that is what america is all about, but you don't participate in democracy and the arena is in madison, wisconsin at the state capital. >> reporter: the abrupt manner that the vote was finally called after 60 hours of debate have democrats threatening court action. it was called 1:00 a.m. and
7:23 pm
closed 16 seconds later. only 30 of the 38 democrats were able to cat their vote. even if all 38 had cast. the outcome would be have been the same. language related to collective bargaining unchanged from the start. >> shep: we know calls to the house, he has state troopers going to the senators' houses. any chance of catching them. >> reporter: it's about the same chance they have had all along and they haven't found any democrats in their homes here in wisconsin. really at this stage of this game, the sent democrats know they would have the consequences for crossing over to the border. so the likelihood of slipping back into the homes is slim but the overall goal for republicans to issuing these calls to the house is to just keep the pressure on those 14 awol senator democrats. >> shep: mike, thank you. union members in new jersey held
7:24 pm
a solidarity rally for the workers in wisconsin. police estimate more than 3,000 people protested in trenton, new jersey today. they accused the republican governor chris christie of try to weaken organized labor there. he is asking government workers to pay more for pension and healthcare benefits. he supports responsible collective bargaining. tea party activists were defending christie's budget plan. a day of rage across the middle east and north africa today. from tunisia where it begin all the way to yemen and even iraq now getting into the action. a wrap-up from across the region coming up. plus, we're live tonight inside libya where reports indicate pro khadafy sources are launching new attacks on protestors and even innocent bystanders.
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>> shep: hundreds of high schoolers walking out of class to stand up for their principal. that tops the news as we go across america. >> minnesota, about 200 kids refusing to attend their high school north of minneapolis, they say they want their principal back, he is on leave
7:29 pm
after he left a federally funded school conference to go to a theme park. he said he had permission. >> he got fired for the wrong purpose. >> the investigation is ongoing. >> arizona, federal and local investigators breaking up a a major organized crime ring. they say the suspect stole more than a million dollars from various merchandisers and even ripping off christmas gifts. >> a 13-year-old boy said his friend saved his life after he fell into a tempering. they say they were getting dirt to build a bike ramp when one of them got trapped. rescuer says all he could see was his friend's fingertips. >> then i got him, pulled his head out and he was able to breathe. he again who got a neighbor who called 911. >> florida, a dog owner crediting dolphins for saving a pooch after it fell in canal. she found the dog after hearing
7:30 pm
the dolphins splashing around near the struggling animal. >> if he had tread water all night long, he wouldn't have been okay today. that is part of a fox watch across america. >> i'm shepard smith. it's the fox report. it's bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. the son of the libyan strong man muammar khadafy now saying he is hoping for a cease-fire with opposition forces by tomorrow. his son telling journalists in tripoli today. he says the military is holding back and not going all out against the rebels but attacks on unarmed civilians seem to be no problem. [ gun shots ] >> shep: witnesses holding back, a man that he says recorded after friday's prayers today. he says a friend saw armed men coming out of ambulances to open fire on the demonstrators.
7:31 pm
>> elsewhere in libya, signs of celebration after hard fought battle. this is the scene in the eastern city of ta obstructing where opposition forces are enjoying their freedom after pushing out khadafy's forces. what more can you tell us about the mood there. >> reporter: the mood is optimism. there is a great deal of optimism about the future. the rallies, they were celebrations but also an act of defiance what people say are decades and decades of oppression. they stomped on a picture of muammar khadafy sand sliced and diced it cutting it into pieces, last week if they had done that they may have been executed or worse. the demonstrators, one wants to send a message to the other parts of the country, specifically the capital that
7:32 pm
they, too, can rise up against this regime. there was a celebration today but there was great sense of purpose, to spread the word that people must continue to take to the streets. >> shep: david lee miller inside libya tonight. there are a lot of questions about how the political upheaval in libya will affect the world's oil supply. on a normal day, libya would produce 2% of the world's oil. today there is a lot of uncertainty. many vessels are refusing to dock at libyan ports basically bringing production to a halt. the deputy u.n. ambassador they will stop to exporting oil altogether due to security concerns. one major port town is under rebel control with soldiers that defected helping the rebels. that sounds like a good thing. >> reporter: it does. it's so hard to get a handle how
7:33 pm
much libyan crude is flowing right now. at very best i would say at least half of the oil still shut down. it's very hard to get a handle and we don't know. certainly a lack of communication of personnel at the port. fears of security concerns of keeping the oil shipments getting out. saudis say they are bumping up production. they will take up the slack being created by libya but that is more of a psychological band-aid than a real problem solver. still the markets are concerned that this momentum this uprising could spread to bahrain and saudi arabia. >> shep: that could be disastrous. this volatility in the oil market, very good for the traders and not so good for everybody else? >> oil has gained 14% this week, that is biggest increase since january of 2009, this two week jump gives you an idea how much they have been on the way up but they have remained under 100 a barrel. we did see the market settle
7:34 pm
down because of the word from the saudis they will pick up the extra output but the big question where do the pricing from here, some say, $120 a barrel or 130 but as long as these up rise is gos continues. if we see anything moving toward saudi arabia the world will be disarray. >> shep: the world will be disarray. thanks very much. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators out the streets across the middle east and north africa. they are calling it a day of rage and asking for more rights. in iraq where they vented their anger in lack of services, the demonstrations took a deadly turn. clashes with security forces killed at least 11 people and injured dozens more. >> this is yemen, a massive crowd asking hem for the leader
7:35 pm
to step down. there is tight security. the leader promised he will step down but not until 2013. the demonstrators want him out now. they have a dangerous al-qaeda offshoot there. >> in bahrain, tens of thousands of pro democracy demonstrators marching through the streets of the capital there demanding the ruling family open up its limited representation government. >> we need access to the government. >> the royal family sunni muslims. most of the population shea muslims and the shea across the river or at least across the cause way in saudi arabia are on top of the oil deposits also sunni muslim. a check on iranian influence in
7:36 pm
the entire region. the wave of unrest all begin with the mass uprising in tunisia, an uprising that pushed that nation's leader from power after a quarter of a century of rule. that was six weeks ago. it's been relatively calm there until today. thousands of protestors crowding the streets demanding more change. a day of rage taking aim at the interim government and new guy in charge who is a longtime ally of the long time leader. they will hold an announcement of elections coming up in july. >> one woman trapped in the rubble from the earthquake in in new zealand. her final chilling plea just ahead. >> remember the thing, snow everyday and now they say san francisco could get is for the
7:37 pm
first time. and the former president bush going out of his way to crossing path west side a wikileaks founder julian assange. details next as fox reports live tonight. if your racing thoughts keep you awake...
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>> shep: a change of plans for former president bush 43rd after julian assange and him got an invite to the same event. he backed out of a global leadership summit after he learned that julian assange was going on to there to. he was willfully and repeatedly done harm to the united states. assange appeared at the conference by video link. >> a school committee in providence, rhode island, voting to send pink slips to every one of its teachers. nearly 2,000 of them. their district are reporting a $40 million budget shortfall.
7:41 pm
officials say they won't lay off everybody but they had to make the move to get maximum flexibility for budget cuts. a lot of teachers are calling the decision insanity. >> i am heartbroken. i can't tell you how much this hearts. >> i feel numb. i feel like i need to mourn, the death of innocence. it's just surreal. there is no justifying this. >> shep: state law requires that they notify temperatures by the 1st of march laid off the following year. >> a severe storm churning in dublin, kentucky, rescue report four amish children were killed after their buggy slipped into the rain swollen creek. officials say two adults and three of the children survived the crash. this the scene in nashville today. fierce winds across middle tennessee, knocking down trees
7:42 pm
and power lines. >> it just went black. everything was black around us. all we could see was that and rain. >> shep: more than 26,000 homes without power. rick riechmuth is looking at it all. >> it was such a tough day with severe weather. ten tornado reports and now the storm is pulling out across the northeast. severe weather in d.c. and baltimore but most of the storm is gone. rain and snow, portland, main, some of the areas a foot and a half of snow for the winter continues. >> shep: and on the west coast seeing a dusting of snow, to see that coming to san francisco, they are freaking out now? >> 1977 was the last time they had any kind of snow in san francisco. snow levels dropping to hundred feet. we'll see a little bit of it on flying around san francisco and much more in the l.a. area. snow levels around l.a. 500 feet. look at all the places that have winter storm warnings and bingo
7:43 pm
has been reno, take a look at the pictures, mounds around the lake and in some cases they have seen 130 inches of snow. incredible snow in season, a huge record breaking december into january and we're seeing the repeat of it. more snow another foot to foot and a half and the snow transitions to arizona, utah and colorado where some cases we'll see another two feet of snow there, as well. very significant snow there. snow skiers are loving it. >> shep: i'm sure they are. >> rescue teams in new zealand are looking for survivors of monday's devastating earthquake. more than a hundred people dead. more than 200 still considered missing after the quake slammed the city of christ church. chilling text messages from one of miss that go wrote her mother from beneath the collapsed building.
7:44 pm
mommy, go buried. another one. mommy i can't move my right hand. an hour later. please make it quick. one woman married her fiance after rescuers found her. she reportedly used her cell phone where they could find her. >> police hauled in an enormous load of explosives. that tops the news as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> india, authorities seizing nearly 900 detonators and more than a thousand rods filled with explosives near a northern border region. they say two nepalese nationals were transporting it. >> thailand, displaying a ton of african elephant ivory. they seized the goods at bangkok airport.
7:45 pm
more than a hundred tusks and horns and additional pieces of ivory are worth nearly two million dollars. they say it's the sixth time they have busted ivory smugglers since thai officials begin sharing intelligence late last year. >> peru, a big archaeological find in the southern cousco region, recovering nine ancient tombs, perhaps the most important discovery in hundred years. they found african-americaners and masks and pottery and lots of items made of gold and silver. >> in china, a man set a new world record by spending more than 45 minutes buried up to his neck in snow. it happened in inner mongolia. wearing only a bathing suit. he was already in the record books for sitting in a pile of ice cubes earlier this year enhancement is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shep: the whole charlie sheen
7:46 pm
debacle has been one for the giggles until now. he did a radio show interview and indicated there are very serious problems. >> i'm sorry, i got magic and poetry at my fingertips. most of the time, this includes naps. they are in crashing violently. a lot more of that and comments that shut down thinks television show for the rest of the season. and how sheen is now firing back he hit the airwaves twice today. he has lost some power. the motorola xoom tablet. with the velocity of a 1 ghz dual-core processor,
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>> shep: charlie sheen is
7:50 pm
walking disaster. he was supposed to be going to rehab but instead it seems he fell apart after just a month porn party at his house. it forced warner brothers forced them to shut down his show for the rest of the season. >> i don't have enough for these clowns or judgment and stupidity. you know, they have ugly children and look at their loser lives, they look at me i can't process it. just enjoy the show. >> it's been quite a they thanks to his hard partying lifestyle. >> two and a half men stopped production after he went to the hospital last month. >> don't call 911, got him and he was very intoxicated. >> the website he had been
7:51 pm
partying with porn stars and doing lots of cocaine. in october he trashed a suite in at the plaza hotel in new york and this porn star accused him of attacking her. and then the radio is interview with alex jones. >> they say -- oh, you have to work through your resentments. i'm going to fuel my attack. >> he directed a lot of his anger at his executive producer chuck lorry. >> it's deplorable that a took his rock star for his exit tragedy, bro. >> in an open letter. he wrote more about laurie, saying this contaminated little magnet can't handle my power and the truth. i wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels. sheen address his supporters. i urge all my beautiful and loyal fans to embrace this show
7:52 pm
for almost a decade to work with me, side by side as we march up the steps of justice to write this right this unconscionable wrong. >> shep: our charlie took another step further with comments about his bosses. and anita is in los angeles with today's are radio appearance. like the snow it happens every day. >> that is right. he took to the airwaves again today talking on los angeles radio station krac comparing his bosses to nazis and calling them hypocrites with encouraging them going to rehab. good friends of charlie sheen, this time they are very worried about his health. >> we know charlie sheen, we know he has been able to function while using drugs. i think he is past that point now. what you hear is someone unraveled.
7:53 pm
i think he needs to wake up before headlines say charlie sheen is dead. >> charlie sheen is one of highest paid actors in hollywood. our sources say they will run reruns of show for the rest of the season. >> shep: he claimed he had a new gig with hbo but hbo says they don't know about it? >> he told members he is in talks with his own talk show, called sheen's corner where he would make $5 million an episode. we reached out to hbo and they told us this, hbo has no project with charlie sheen, nothing is in the works. that coming from jeff kouten over in hbo. sad part of this, 250 people out of work over at warner brothers where the sitcom two and a half men sh is shot.
7:54 pm
>> shep: and google announcing it's tweaking the way it ranks search results what it considers higher quality websites come up first. that means sites that produce more original content as opposed to content farms like certain things. don't adjust your television sets a computer on top of a penny. scientists in michigan building the wireless device, to help monitor glaucoma from inside a patient's eye. this computer is reportedly the smallest computer ever. >> a surprise audience member showing up at an elementary school assembly. >> he had no idea i was here. it was great to see the shock on their faces. >> military dad reuniting with the kids after serving. details on the emotional homecoming straight away. fox report top five things of
7:55 pm
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[ male announcer ] fidelity investments. turn here. >> shep: two service members deciding to surprise their kids upon their return from overseas. navy commander, keith fernandez, look at that, five and six-year-olds mighty happy. he saw a youtube video surprising their kids. >> it made me cry. so i decided then and there i was going to do this for my daughter. >> then there was another home coming in greensboro, north carolina. >> i'm home. >> good to be home. chief warrant office kevin tidty says he d hadn't seen them in more than a year. >> before we go. fox report, five things of the day. prince william and his fiancee,
7:59 pm
visiting scotland. number four..., shame, shame, republicans in wisconsin assembly passing a bill to weaken public unions. democrats blocking the measure by hiding out in illinois. >> number three tonight the guy on the left here cancelling a speech in denver to avoid the guy on the right. number two, as the leaders of libya continue the crackdown. >> legitimacy has been reduced to zero. >> and number one tonight... well trying to get the ferry and he did. got to that ferry and got out of libya. that is the fox report top five. >> and on this day in 1964, a 22-year-old cassious clay delivered a beating to sonny liston. ka clay this guaranteed victory but it shocked the boxing

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